Gwadar Free Zone Company Limited

A customized platform for global connectivity

The state-of-the-art Free Zone Area will be built on reclaimed land in Northern Harbor (within the port area). The new development covering 923 hectares with a permanent Tax and Duties exemptions would enable us to optimize transport flows.

For Gwadar Port to remain a viable alternative for transport-dependent industries, access to and from the Free Zone is being developed by the authorities.

Planning Period:

From 2014 to 2025, divided into three stages

  • Recent-term:
  • Medium period:
  • Long term period:

Free Zone Businesses - Including but not limited to

  • Container yards
  • Bonded Warehousing
  • Ambient/Temperature controlled/Refrigerated storage facilities
  • International Purchasing, Transit & Distribution
  • Packaging / Labeling
  • Stuffing & De-Stuffing
  • Trans-shipment
  • Light end-assembly & re-assembly
  • Imports & exports
  • Value added exports
  • Value addition to imports - Supporting Services Business Offices (Onsite Customs, Financial Institutions, Information Centre, Retail Outlets, Hotels, Restaurants, Entertainment amenities, Medical facilities etc.
  • Other related businesses

Gwadar Free Zone will be designed with the unique needs of manufacturing, trading and service Industry businesses in mind.

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