Accompanied by Mr. Mu yongpeng, vice consulate general of PR China in Karachi, Mr. Zhang baozhong, chairman of COPHC and local government officials, Chinese embassy team of 5 members, including his Excellency Mr. Sun Weidong himself, visited Gwadar port on July27th.2015. In the first half of that day, the ambassador visited site of Gwadar new international airport, Gwadar free zone, Gwadar east bay expressway, Gwadar central hospital, Gwadar port. Wreath was laid by him to memorial to Chinese killed during construction of Gwadar port. In the second half of that day, the ambassador exchanged views on how to facilitate and expedite development of Gwadar with heads from GPA, GDA, Gwadar district government and local police deparment, respectively. Later, the ambassador met head of local education authority, student and teacher representatives from local schools, head and staff from local hospitals respectively. He also witnessed signing ceremony of MoU of Education Fund for Underprivileged students of Gwadar between COPHC and local education officer.

During his meetings and visits, the ambassador spoke highly of China-Pak relations and the progress achieved in China Pakistan economic corridor (CPEC), which as per the ambassador, is a project for the entire Pakistan, and will be beneficial for all Pakistani. The Chinese side, the ambassador added, together with Pakistan, is willing to better materialize the entire consensus reached during Chinese president Mr. Xi’s state visit to Pakistan in April, thus pushing forward development of CPEC to a new height. Several programs to support local education and social welfare were announced by the ambassador, such as 1 million rupee donation each for 3 schools and the central hospital, scholarship for 5 local students, annual opportunity for local officials and media staff to visit China. Furthermore the ambassador gave gifts to representatives of local outstanding teachers and students. Pakistan government officials and representatives from all social circles expressed deep gratitude toward Chinese’s philanthropic deeds and said that local government and people will fully support construction of Gwadar so as to bring about dramatic change and achieve full comprehensive development of Gwadar in the earliest time possible.

COPHC’s philanthropic action of establishing education fund for underprivileged Gwadar students.

Later in the afternoon, the ambassador flew back to Karachi.

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The ambassador paid a visit to site for Gwadar new international airport

The ambassador at civil center of GPA, been briefed on status of free zone and east bay expressway.

Wreathing laying to Chinese memorial by the ambassador

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Meeting with local government officials

The ambassador was presenting gift to local students and teachers

MoU signing ceremony of COPHC education fund been witnessed by the ambassador

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Donation fund made to local schools

The ambassador visited Gwadar port

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