On November 13.2016, Ceremony of First Connection of CPEC was grandly held at Gwadar. Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Army chief General Raheel Sharif, Balochistan Chief Minister and some Pakistan senior officials, foreign ambassadors and more than 600 guestsfrom all sectors attended the ceremony. Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Sun Weidong also attended the inauguration ceremony on invitation

During this activity, trucks took the goods from Kashgar in northwest China’s Xinjiang to Gwadar port of Baluchistan, Pakistan. The 3,000-kilometer or so journey took about 15 days, from October 28 to November 12. This was the first time that a trade convoy successfully passed through the western part of Pakistan from the north to the south, which completed the initial link between Kashgar and Gwadar. This activity received strong support of two governments. Overflow crowds of supporters warmly welcomed the trucks along the road.

Gwadar Port is the final export of CPEC. As the operator , China Overseas Ports Holding Company Limited ( COPHCL) provided warm and considerate services to the trade convoy of SINOTRANS & CSC HOLDINGS CO., LTD XINJIANG COMPANY. With the high-quality, efficient and secure services provided by Gwadar International Terminal Limited and Gwadar Marine Services Limited, the berthing and unberthing, loading and unloading of 'Wellington' cargo vessel (COSCO SHIPPING) was successfully completed, which was the first container liner of Gwadar history ,which marked Gwadar port had reached initial operational capability of container liner. All our staff are full of enthusiasm, with well-disciplined attitude and specialized services, to ensure the final success of CPEC connection .

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif addressed that 'This day marks the breaking of the dawn of a new era', this successful activity marked the materialization of the vision and idea of CPEC, it also opened a new chapter for the regional interconnection. CPEC was model for 'inclusive growth'. Underdeveloped area of Pakistan could have more development opportunities, all Pakistan people would benefit from it. He emphasized that Pakistan will continue to support the building of CPEC and make due contribution to regional development.

Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Sun Weidong said that this is also the first time that Pakistan and China co-organised a trade convoy through Pakistan to the Gwadar Port. It proved the connectivity of the local roads and realisation of the concept of one corridor with multiple passages which is very significant to CPEC and the relationship between China and Pakistan. He emphasized that Gwadar port also marked its first export of a large number of containers to overseas destinations, showing that the port has restored the designed handling capacity. He added that the trade convoy is the best reflection of the spirits of mutual consultation, joint construction, mutual benefits and win-win cooperation, and the spirits will serve as the solid basis for the future construction of the CPEC.

The complete success of the first connectivity of CPEC will definitely promote the further growth and development of Gwadar Port.

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