Why Gwadar

Why Gwadar

Gwadar, THE DOOR OF WIND, has huge potential to be developed as a gateway to the economy of Pakistan. Its presence at the convergence of three most commercially important regions of the world, i.e. Oil Rich Middle East, Central Asia bestowed with natural resources and South Asia having potential for growth, makes it one of the well placed port for the development of global trade.

Strategic Position of Gwadar

On the shores of the Arabian Sea in the western province of Balochistan the Gwadar Port is strategically a well located port to ensure increasing trade in the region. The Port is located at the mouth of the Persian Gulf, just outside the Straits of Hormuz, near the key shipping routes accommodating a flow of more than 17 million barrel oil per day and a large quantity of bulk, break-bulk and containerized cargo.

In the east, the port neighbors the emerging Indian and South East Asian economies. On land, the port springs the Pak-China Economic Corridor and has connectivity with all major markets of Pakistan which will be further extended to neighboring markets of China, Iran, Afghanistan, and other landlocked CAR’s market in due course of time.

Gwadar for Pakistan & beyond

  • Gateway for China-Pak Economic Corridor
  • Strategically located near the State of Hormuz
  • Potential Transshipment Hub for Mother Vessels
  • Gateway to Transit Trade for landlocked Central Asian Republics (CARs) and Afghanistan
  • Facilitator for development of mineral resources of Central Asian Republics, Afghanistan & Pakistan
  • Economical Access to transport Oil & Gas to Western China from the oil rich Gulf Region
  • Closest Seaport from Western China (Xinjiang 4,500 km from China’s East Coast but just 2,395 km from Gwadar) supporting China’s Exports to EU, US and Arabian Gulf Markets
  • A well-deserved Alternate to the local Ports
  • Shortest access channels with wide turning basin
  • Supported by well-planned, Large Free Zone (923 hectares), and numbers of EPZs (Export Processing Zones) & Trading Zones
  • Enormous potential for Tourism

What Makes Us Different

Exclusive Free Zone Facility

The largest FREE ZONE area of more than 923 hectares available to accommodate Bonded Warehousing, Manufacturing, International Purchasing, Transit and Distribution, Transshipment, Commodity Display and Supporting Services (Business Office, Customs, Financial, Information, Hotel, restaurant, entertainment, medical etc.)

Tax Exemptions

Federal, provincial and local taxes are exempted as COPHC enjoys a tax holiday for 20 years, making it an attractive port for the maritime trade. Tax exemptions include:

  • Corporate Income Tax.
  • Income Tax on Interest Income on loans acquired.
  • Sales Tax.
  • Stamp Duties.
  • Duties on ship bunker oils.
  • Import duties on all imports for 40 years (conditions apply)

Leaving Competition Behind

A Multifunctional Port

Designed for endurance and flexibility, The Gwadar Terminal is a multi-purpose platform capable to provide diversified Cargo handling (Bulk/Break-Bulk & Containerized) through its multi-purpose berths, RORO facility, and highly capacitive terminal structure giving us an opportunity to deal with all types of cargo in an appropriate manner.

Supportive Maritime Access

Shortest Access Channel (4.7 km.) among other terminals of Pakistan, which supports in minimizing Vessel Turnaround Time. Widest Turning Basin (590 meters/diameter) can accommodate turning of ships with large LOA.

Minimum Waiting Time

Priority/Immediate Berthing with minimum waiting time.

A Natural Deep Sea Port

A natural world class Deep-Sea-Port having deepest Berth of 14.5 meters capable to accommodate large vessels of up-to 70,000 DWT. (Planned expansion - Phase-II may go up-to 20 meters)

Wide Range of Logistics and Storage Solutions

Offering multiple Logistics services & Huge Storage Facility (28,669 sq-m) tailored to the individual needs of the customers.

Well Planned Industrial Area

Gwadar port is the biggest catalyst for providing initiative for industrial development. Immense potential for industrial investment in view of the opportunities offered through the establishment of a deep sea port.

Hinterland connectivity

The Makran Coastal Highway (N-20) has been completed, which is substantially reducing the distance between Karachi and Gwadar and has introduced Gwadar into the national mainstream.

Additionally, the following road networks are also presently under construction for establishing connectivity between the Gwadar Port and up-country due to be completed soon.

M-8: Gwadar-Turbat-Hoshab Road

N-85: Surab- Nag-Panjgur-Hoshab Road

N-25: Kalat - Quetta - Chaman Road

Karachi Office

  • Address 3rd Floor(Ext), Bahria Complex - IV, Chaudhary Khaleeq uz Zaman Road, Gizri, Clifton.

    Karachi, Pakistan.

  • Phone(+92) 21-35155081-84

  • Emailinfo@cophcgwadar.com

Gwadar Office

  • AddressControl Tower Building, Pak China Friendship Road, Gwadar Port.

    Gwadar, Pakistan.

  • Phone(+92) 86-4212266

  • Emailinfo@cophcgwadar.com

About Us

COPHC Pakistan is a branch company of COPHC which is an emerging and fast growing company in Hong Kong.

Gwadar has enormous potential from all angles & dimensions for any kind of business activity.

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