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China Overseas Ports Holding Company Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd.

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Pakistan’s economic performance has improved significantly in the recent years, reflecting a strong commitment and a series of serious efforts undertaken by the Government and people of Pakistan. The inception of Gwadar Deep-Sea Port is to further enable economic development of Pakistan over the next decades and beyond.

Gwadar has enormous potential from all angles & dimensions for any kind of business activity, whether known or emerging with ever developing technologies. Being a Deep Sea Port and because of its location it will be a gateway & hub of world businesses & trades and will cater for all types of international commercial activities generated from one business to another irrespective of quantity, quantum & magnitude.

COPHC Pakistan is a branch company of COPHC which is an emerging and fast growing company in Hong Kong. It has registered its Regional Office in Pakistan. China Overseas Ports Holding Company Limited, COPHC has proudly taken over the command of recently developed Gwadar Port and Gwadar Free Zone on May 16, 2013 for 40 years (as per the concession agreement). The objective of the company is to develop the region’s most strategically well located port into a hub of maritime trade in the whole region, including landlocked Central Asian Region (CAR), in general and of Pakistan in particular.

The COPHC has diversified interests in the field of Maritime & Logistics, and it consists of the following subsidiaries:

GITL - Gwadar International Terminals Ltd.

GMSL - Gwadar Marine Services Ltd.

GFZL - Gwadar Free Zone Company Ltd.

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